Quicksilver Activ 905 Weekend

Boat name:Lady Soul


Call sign:DF9783


Port of Registry:Schweinfurt

Registration no.:QAW 2023

Boat type:Quicksilver 905 Weekend

Serial number:211886870

Length:8.91 m

Beam:2.98 m

Draft:0.63 m

Year built:2023

Last recorded position: Kos (Marina) N 36° 53' 26.61", E 27° 18' 9.503"

Quicksilver Active 905 Weekend – Functional Elegance at its best

Functional Elegance at its best
The Activ 905 Weekend is our largest, most elegant model yet, built on the cornerstones of safety, comfort, style and power. Suited for 10 persons you can take it out to the sea, explore your local rivers or head out to your favourite fishing lakes. With the choice of an inboard or single and twin outboard engine configuration, you will have the power you need.

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