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Quite busy Arki

Yesterday morning we moored safely in Arki at the last available place.

Just before I called Manolis Trypas to make sure, there is space.

In the afternoon it got quite busy as a seldom guest came to Arki - the Hellenic Coast Guard.

First we thought, that they start checking for illegal entry to Greek Waters and even one boat had to move to give more room to them.

About 1 hour later there was another Coastguard ship arriving delivering the mayor of Patmos followed by a SAR ship carrying a minister from Athens.

Hopefully nothing happened at sea as the politicians used all the available boats.

All inhabitants of the island then met at Tripas taverna to listen to the politians, who promissed free TV receiption and free internet. Nothing about a doctor or a pharmacy ):
Nisos Arki
Wind force:
4 - moderate breeze
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