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Nightmare Symi Town Harbour

It looks like Symi is continuing to be my nightmare!

Some years ago we were there at Greek Eastern time not knowing what to expect: at 00:00 on Easter Sunday the locals were throwing dynamite into the harbour and we were quite scared.

So I only went there once again and had problems again with crossed chains.

This time I thought I might get more luck.


The first morning a polish charter boat skipper, who did not get tired of repeating he would be a professional skipper, was going in circles while trying to get his anchor out, screwing some other anchors like mine.

Michalis, the local diver had to take my chain of the anchor to clear the mess.

Now I am anchored in Panormitis in the South of Symi waiting for the weather in Kos to calm down tomorrow.
Panormitis Symi Nisos
Wind force:
1 - light air
Wind direction:


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